What a great way to repurpose a reproduction!

I’ve been attending auctions since my 8th birthday, and I had my first tiny space in an antique store at the age of 13.

There are times that I have to stop and think from time to time (and possibly even do some research) on an item that I am looking at.  There have been times that I chose to take a chance on an item that I’m unfamiliar with.

My taking a chance occurs when the item in question is very inexpensive.  Learning is a huge part of what I do every day.  My latest acquisition is the head vase that’s pictured below, which is marked NIPPON.

NIPPON never made any head vases.  I knew that—it registered wrong in my mind.  But I went ahead and carried it out to my car anyway.

It is well worth the price for the piece to become my display piece to showcase designer scarves, jewelry, and even hold vintage hats.

So, in the long run, it was worth the small amount I shelled out for it.  What kinds of finds have you re-purposed like this?

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