Reader’s Help: What in the world is this Celluloid piece?


Not too long ago, I ran into this great vintage celluloid piece at a local flea market.  I know that it’s some sort of holder, but what exactly was it used for?


In one reference book that I have, the book shows it and does not mention what this is.  Another book stated that it was a tooth brush holder, and yet another states that this is a holder for eyeglasses.


Needless to say, I got pretty baffled on what this could be.  So here’s my question–what is this piece really for?  Is what one of the books said right, or is this something completely different?

Any information is greatly appreciated.  What do you think it is?


I need some reader’s help with identifying this set!

At an estate sale last month, I purchased this really cool pottery shaker and creamer set. The matching figural set looks like a lion to me.  I could be wrong–with their styling, they could be a number of items.


What I need some help with is who and when the two pieces were made. They are not marked anywhere on the pieces.

I have seen several pieces that have the same color combination that are from Japan, but never anything with this shape (I’ve even seen some Chinese pieces also with the same color combination).

The colors look to me like they could be by the OLD CASTLE Company, and their shape look makes me think that they are by SEISEI POTTERY Company.  As you can seem I am at a real loss on this set.


Any information is greatly appreciated on this.  Do you know what they are and who could have possibly made this?