Olympic sports fashion for all

The Olympics has us all glued to our televisions, tablets, or laptops cheering for our homegrown athletes.  Athletic apparel is always popular—but never more than now.  Wisdom Lane Antiques has a wide selection of new and lightly worn jerseys at reasonable prices.


One item that you could wear is this National League Baseball Jersey for the All-Star Game.  You can see this jersey in my eBay store here.  Soccer is a sport that gets a ton of attention during the Olympics.  One item you could wear during the Olympics is this jersey.


It’s for the Avalon Soccer Club, and it can be seen in my eBay store here.  Another sport in the Olympics that is popular is basketball, and a great way to cheer the team on is this jersey.


This great Starbury jersey can be seen in my eBay store here.

I invite you to check out all these and more in my eBay store here, and I also have another post about sports related items as well.  It is titled “Several different types of sports memorabilia” which can be seen here.

What kinds of sports related fashion do you have to wear for the Olympics?

Items fit for the Olympics!

The Opening Night outfits for America’s Olympic athletes are being designed by Ralph Lauren.  His designs are always distinctive, unique and remain fashionable season after season (and year after year, really).  Here at Wisdom Lane Antiques, I have several Ralph Lauren pieces for sale.  I invite you to visit and view items like this jacket:

Lauren jacket
The great thing that this jacket has going for it is that it has a 1980’s tweed look going for it, and it can go with just about anything.  You can see it in my eBay store here.

Another great Ralph Lauren item is this formal dress.

silk lauren dress

This terrific black silk strapless dress would be perfect for when you attend the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, or even an even a formal dance.  You can see this dress here.

If you would like to wear a tie, this POLO tie by Ralph Lauren would be perfect.

polo tie

Not only does this have a dressy look to it, this tie also has a golfer motif on it so that you can cheer on your favorite player.  You can see this tie in my eBay store here.

Students can also have a item that Ralph Lauren made, like this backpack.


Not only is it made by Ralph Lauren, it also has an American Flag on it to help root on America’s Olympians.  You can see this terrific backpack here.

You can see all of these great items and more items by Ralph Lauren in my eBay store here.

I am also offering an Olympic Games pin from the 1996 Atlanta Games.  This would be perfect to wear with a Ralph Lauren item (or even any vintage jacket for that matter).  You can see it here.

What kinds of Ralph Lauren items have you run across?

Several diferent types of sports memorabilia

Have a favorite sport or sports team?  Do you love to hang out in a jersey with your favorite jeans?  I have several jerseys right now on eBay that you could do this with and cheer on your favorite team.

The first is this jersey for Terrell Owens when he played football for the Philadelphia Eagles.

owens jersey

You can see this great jersey in my eBay shop here.  If football is not your cup of tea, then you could throw on a soccer jersey, like this one for the Avalon Soccer Club.


You can see this great jersey in my eBay shop here.  You can also see the rest of the jerseys in my eBay shop here.  If you happen to go to a game, you may need to keep warm, and the best way to do that is with this terrific San Deigo Chargers coat made by STARTER.

starter chargers jacket

You can see it in my eBay shop here.  You can also wear a cap to cheer on your favorite team, just like this one for the Chicago Cubs.


The Cubs cap was made by COMPETITOR, and the great thing about it is that it still has the original tags attached.  You can see it in my Ebay shop here.

What kinds of clothing do you love to wear when you are watching your favorite team?