ITEM SPOTLIGHT:  Fenton Grape Leaf pattern pink milk glass from the 1950’s

During the 1950’s, the Fenton Glassware company produced many patterns and pieces.  One of the patterns that was produced is called the GRAPE LEAF pattern.  It comes in many colors like white and pink milk glass to name just a few.

The pattern was made for a couple of years, and one of the pieces that was made in this pattern was this footed decorative plate.  You can tell that it was made by Fenton is the fact that some of the pieces were marked on the bottom of the plate.  If it is not marked on the bottom, one of the giveaways that it’s a Fenton piece outside the pattern itself is by the styling of the handle and the edge that is on the plate.

Even though desert, salad or even Buffalo wings are only a small portion of what you can serve on this plate; it was described by Fenton as a decorative plate (so most likely you will see this item displayed on the top of a piano with either candy or potpourri).

What kind of interesting pieces of Fenton Art Glass have you seen?

What are some mistakes to avoid when you are selling items online?

When it comes to selling items online, there are plenty of mistakes that can happen, it doesn’t matter if you are starting out or are a seasoned pro.  There are many, and I mean many, mistakes that can be made.

Here are some mistakes to look out for when you are selling items online:

One mistake is to make sure you have the right category when you list your item for sale.  I have seen people list a piece of Fenton in the section intended to be for automotive items (no joke), and I have also seen a piece of Roseville pottery listed in the section intended for Depression Glass.  I always double and triple check on what category I am listing an item in before I make it live and ready to purchase.

Another mistake is not telling about damage if there is some.  I have seen plenty of sellers say that the item is in good shape when I can tell in the photos that they provided that there is a chip or a crack somewhere (or even something like a dent is present).

Don’t ship before you get paid.  I know that this one also tends to be categorized as a scam as well, but I have heard of people accidently shipping an item before they got paid.  I always look to see if payment is completed before I buy the shipping label.

These are a small handful of the mistakes to look out for when you sell items online.  What are some of the mistakes that happened to you?  Have you heard of any to look out for?