Ever see a Victorian Red Tomato Server?

At a local flea market, I ran across a box of spoons not too long ago.  When I started looking through them, I found quite a few utensils that really got my interest.  The Victorian Era was pretty interesting when it came to the serving pieces that were made, and one of those serving pieces was in that box I bought.

That piece is a red tomato server and is marked WM ROGERS MFG ORIGINAL ROGERS.  The server has the LA FRANCE pattern and dates to the early 1900’s.

tomato server

Here’s the kicker—there are two different types of tomato servers.  There’s one for red tomatoes and for green.

There’s a big difference to the server, and it’s that the spade on the green tomato server is not perforated. The red tomatoes can be juicy, so the perforations lets the juice drip through.  Green tomatoes are not nearly as messy so you don’t have to worry as much about spilling tomato juice on the table cloth.


A modern twist on this type of server is that you could use the green tomato server to serve fried green tomatoes.  You can see the red tomato server in my Etsy store here.

What kinds of Victorian serving pieces have you run across?


Memories of childhood

Summer vacation, bicycle riding, a game of baseball in the empty lot at the end of the block, and even a tall glass of Kool Aid are just some of the great memories of childhood.

Who didn’t love to down Kool Aid—whether it be a cool drink or a Popsicle that mom made from your favorite flavor?  I loved it when my mom made Kool Aid ice cubes to go along with the grape Kool Aid she made.

I recently ran across a red Kool aid pitcher and tumblers set at a recent estate sale that I attended.

Kool Aid set

This set was made in the 1980’s by Tupperware, and it has a pitcher and two glasses in the set.  There are plenty of memories that come flooding back when you see this terrific Kool Aid set that has a pitcher and matching tumblers with the face of the Kool Aid man on them.

kool aid pitcher

kool aid tumblers

You can see this terrific Kool Aid set in my Etsy shop here.  What is your favorite flavor of Kool Aid?