What are some tips for shipping vintage items?

You have taken the plunge into the world of buying vintage items, and you are now beginning to sell some items online.  What are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to shipping vintage items?

Breakable items like glassware get both packing peanuts and bubble wrap when I pack them.

When I ship clothing, I put a layer of tissue paper in as I fold the item.  I do this to help with keeping it lying flat in the box.

If I am shipping a book in a packing envelope, I will often wrap the book in a plastic bag to help keep the book from getting wet (especially if there is a chance of rain or snow).

When I pack sports cards, I always try to use both a hard plastic holder to put the card in and a piece of cardboard behind it.  This way helps the card from being bent when it is shipped.

This is just a few tips for you to use when it comes to shipping a vintage item.  What tips have you run across?

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