What is some of the terminology that you will hear when you first start to collect stamps?

When you first start collecting, you will hear some of the words that other collectors use and it can make your head spin.  When it comes to stamps, you can hear a wide variety of words.  What is some of the terminology that you will hear, especially when you first start to collect stamps?

Block—this is a group of stamps that are attached at least two wide and two tall.

Cancellation—this is a mark that is used by the post office to show you that a stamp has been used.

First day cover—this is an envelope that has a stamp with it that has been canceled (the stamp was cancelled on its first day of sale).  There are a wide variety of first day covers on the market, and there are collectors that collect just this type of stamp.

Souvenir sheet—these are stamps that were issued in a special format.  This format is primarily for stamp collectors, and most sheets include only one stamp of each design, and they also usually have a special decorative border around them.

This is a small handful of what you will hear along the way.  What are some of the other words that you have heard?

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