Spotting fake items can be tricky

When you are out shopping, you will eventually run into a fake.  It could be a purse, a piece of clothing, or even a piece of glass or pottery.  There are plenty of fake items out on the market, and spotting a fake item sometimes can be rather difficult—especially when the fake is very well made.

I was at several garage sales here recently, and I found two purses that were cheap.  I went ahead and bought them just to learn more about them, and the first one that I ran across was marked PRADA.




As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty well made, and even marked on some of the hardware.  It turns out that the purse is fake—the material it’s made out of is not the quality PRADA would use, and the markings are also not quite right.

The next one that I found is a Louis Vuitton purse.  It almost looks like it could be something that you could put your tablet computer in.


I quickly found out that this purse is fake by the way the way the purse is marked on the tag on the front.

I learned a valuable lesson from these purses—it always helps to have a good working knowledge of what a fake looks like.

Have you ever run across a good quality fake that could stump just about anyone?

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