What happened during the year of 1946?

Whenever I am looking up an item that I have recently bought, I will occasionally run across a fun fact that happened during a certain year.  You never know what you might run across, and I always find what I run across interesting.

Here is what I have run across for the year 1946:

The movie IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE was considered a failure at the box office when it came out in 1946.  What helped make it a Christmas classic was a clerical error that put the film in the public domain.  This let many local TV networks to play the movie for free starting in 1974.

The Cozy Dog made its debut in 1946.  This was the first corn dog on a stick, and it was invented by Ed Waldmire Jr.

The Magic 8 Ball, Lionel Trains with ‘steam’ and even the Streater Steam shovel truck were popular Christmas gifts for 1946.

This is a small handful of what I have run across for the 1946 year.  What interesting tidbits have you run across?


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